Primary Antibody Incubation Instructions

Optimal dilution of HistoSure antibodies

Monoclonal purified or polyclonal affinity purified HistoSure antibodies are set to pre-defined concentrations which enable good staining results at indicated dilutions when using SYSY's reference protocols. This reduces Lot-to-Lot variations in polyclonal affinity purified HistoSure antibodies when new lots are produced from a different immunization (see also FAQ – What is the meaning of HistoSure lot numbers?).

Incubation time and temperature for primary antibodies

In SYSY's reference protocols, primary antibodies are incubated for 60 min at room temperature to enable easy adaptation to automated staining systems. Longer antibody incubation times may allow use of antibodies at lower titers. Shorter antibody incubation times may require the use of higher antibody concentrations.

Overnight incubation at 4°C may also enhance sensitivity but must be tested empirically for each antibody.